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Unique opportunity to combine your love for the event industry with a passion to make a difference! Spend time with exceptional youth introducing them to various career paths in the event industry and providing guidance and education towards professional development.

  • How does this position align with your previous work experience and future professional goals?


To facilitate and instruct informative and engaging lesson plans for students in partnership with Boys & Girls Club, Greater Washington. Lead and facilitate EnventU students through youth development curriculum in efforts to develop their professional selves. Creatively guide teens in the planning, budgeting, vendor management logistical support, and production of a capstone event experience.


  • $20/Hour
  • Flexible Work Week (10-20 hours)
  • Work Autonomously w/Minimal Management
  • Quarterly Per Diem $150 for Transportation Related Expenses


  • Responsible for managing all operational aspects of the program ensuring that supplies, location and classroom materials are secured, transported, and readily available
  • Teach curriculum designed to engage program participants and help them build professional and interpersonal skills that lead to greater self-perception and identification of potential career or educational pathways
  • Facilitate instruction for local youth programs focusing on the event planning industry exploring the fields of planning, budgeting, vendor management and logistical support of a capstone event
  • Utilize a variety of visual aids, event planner tools and related software to perform primary and secondary functions of position and provide general instruction to students on the use of technology in the industry
  • Performs as point of contact between non-profit organization, community partners, and youth participants
  • Manage program support staff and coordinate activities with site manager
  • Serve as a chaperone and guide during field trips and conferences with students; provide oversight and support during internships and work-study opportunities
  • Represent EnventU at events; serve as brand ambassador educating, identifying and securing new partnerships to bring the program to local communities
  • Willingness to perform other duties that are aligned with overall mission of organization


PART I: Virtual/Off-Season (Jan.-Feb., Sept.-Dec.)

  • Part Time Contractor
  • Compensation: $20/Hour
  • Program Location: Virtual
  • Estimated Weekly Hours: 10 Hours per Week

PART II: In-Classroom/Program Season (March-Aug.)

  • Part Time Contractor
  • Compensation: $20/Hour
  • Program Locations: Boys & Girls Club, Greater Washington
    1. Clubhouse 14-4103 Benning Road, NE
    2. FBR Nation-1901 Mississippi Ave, SE
  • Estimated Time In-Classroom: 4 Days/6 Hours per Week
    1. Clubhouse 14- Mon./Wed.
    2. FBR Nation-Tues./Thur.
  • Estimated Time Outside Classroom: 14 Hours per Week
  • In-Classroom Program Dates: March 4-May 30, 2019
  • 6-Week Internship: July-August
  • In-Classroom Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm


  1. A minimum four (4) years’ industry experience in hospitality/tourism, event or meeting management, marketing, education, or a related field
  2. Experience within a learning environment as a trainer, teacher or facilitator
  3. Availability to attend and manage events onsite with support from additional EnventU staff
  4. Must provide (3) professional references
  5. Submit to a background check


  1. College degree OR Industry Certifications
  2. Management level experience in the hospitality, tourism, meetings or event industries
  3. Experience working with youth. Specifically, teenagers


  • EnventU Camp-Saturday, April 12TH (Tentative)
  • InfoComm Tradeshow-Tuesday, June 11TH-Saturday, June 15TH (Orlando, FL)
  • ENTOURAGE Event-Thursday, August 8TH (Tentative)
  • How does this position align with your previous work experience and future professional goals?