Curriculum Model

Our curriculum encourages students to explore a variety of career tracks found within the event production industry while developing youth personally and professionally to meet their career goals. Designed by Subject Matter Experts, interactive lessons based on real-world experiences ease the transition into entry-level positions for our students. These career track modules collectively make up the main components of any tradeshow, conference, meeting, or event.


Professional development training that focuses on the maturing of youth’s soft-skills is the goal of our General Education lessons. At the conclusion of our curriculum, participants produce a real-life event to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and ability to excel in the event industry.

Lessons Preview

☻ Microphones + Speakers

☻ Show Communications + Recorders

☻ Lighting Consoles + Effects

☻ Visual Recorders + Displays

☻ Safety + Proper Equipment Handling

☻ Department Roles + Responsibility

☻ Seasonal Produce

☻ Food Presentation + Plating

☻ Menu Design: Meals + Mocktails

☻ Styles of Service

☻ Table Settings + Creating “The Look”

☻ Attitude of Service

☻ Prom is in the Air

☻ Think Outside the Vase

☻ Care + Handling

☻ Eco-Friendly Floral Design

☻ The Business of Floral

☻ Floral on the International Stage

☻ Message of Events

☻ Vision of Events

☻ Conducting a Site Visit

☻ Logic of Layouts

☻ Understanding Feedback

☻ Your Sweet-Sixteen

☻ Code-Switching

☻ Comfort Zones

☻ Diversity in the Workplace

☻ First-Impressions

☻ Conflict Resolution