In Partnership with

We hereby pledge to join EnventU, BizBash, and fellow event industry leaders to take steps toward greater diversity, inclusion, and equity in live experiences. By signing this statement, our company commits to the next generation of event professionals via a three-phased pledge to:


  • Invest a portion of our organization’s revenue to diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives that benefit the event industry either through EnventU or BizBash.


  • Support learning  as a panel participant, guest speaker, project judge, chaperone, mentor, etc.
  • Create work experience opportunities in the form of volunteering, interning, and/or shadowing for youth living in underreported communities. (including, but not limited to: high school and college students, early-career event professionals).


  • Take action to educate our staff, and ensure greater diversity, inclusion, and equity throughout our hiring process both internally and with outside event partners.


We are proud to stand among the leaders in live experiences and work towards making the event industry a place for everyone to learn, grow, and thrive.