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Title/Job Type: Classroom Assistant/Part-Time 1099 Contract Staff

Job Description: Assist instructor with virtual classroom management and program implementation during the Spring program. Prepare the virtual classroom in advance of the start of the program making sure all the necessary videos, presentations, materials, etc. are cued up and ready to go. Manage and facilitate engagement in the chat function to ensure students questions, comments, and requests are responded to. Act as a positive role model for students, mentor teens, and encourage EnventU’s program and opportunities it can create for participants.

Track daily student attendance at the beginning and end of each virtual session and work with management to meet grantor database needs. Learn and manage the LRNG platform to track student’s completion of lessons and curriculum participation.

Collaborate and work with Communications Manager to ensure messaging/content is cohesive with classroom programming. Assist in coordination student attendance and preparedness in advance of field trips, volunteer opportunities, and work events (as needed).

Work to encourage a positive and supportive classroom environment conducive to learning challenging topics. Other duties and tasks as needed.

Employment Type:

Spring, 2021-March-June
o Part Time Contractor
o Program Location: Virtual, Hosting Software TBD
o Length of Program: 7-Weeks
o Est. Time In-Classroom: Tuesday-Thursday | 1.5 Hours/Day
o Est. Curriculum Prep/Outside Time: 5 Hours/Week
o Program Begins: Tuesday, April 20, 2021
o Program Ends: Thursday, June 3, 2021
o Program Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm

Compensation: An hourly rate of $18.00 is the pay rate for the position.

Important Dates Outside of Program

Below are important dates in 2021 outside of the program classroom where your virtual participation is expected to ensure a successful onboarding and ultimately optimal student experience.

o Instructor/Staff Training Day– TBD
o Student Trial Run-Tuesday, March 30 + Wednesday, March 31, 2021
o Student Orientation-Tuesday, April 6, 2021